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 Subject :Hurt and so disappointed.. 23-07-2012 13:39:07 
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My name is Pat Rhyne.  My wife, Anne Coffey, and I have resided at 6077 Powderpoint Drive since May 1996.  We are very happy in this neighborhood and have always enjoyed good relations with our neighbors.  Anne and I were both brought up to respect our neighbors at all times.

We have been dogowners since we moved in and since our three children left us with an empty house. We have always tried to be responsible neighbors and dog owners.

However, I came home this afternoon around 5:30pm to find a handwritten note attached to our grey Camry.  The note stated:

Pease keep that dog quite (sic).  It has been barking since 3:00am to 10:00am.  I will not tolerate

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed our daughter's dog to our house while they are on vacation.  This dog is brand new to our house and our neighborhood.  We did not hear her barking last night or this morning.  I leave for work around 6 am and did not hear anything.  However, my wife recalls hearing her barking around 7:30am but did not think much about at that time.

To our neighbors and especially to the person who left an anonymous note taped to a vehicle in our driveway:

We sincerely apologize for any disturbance that we may have caused you.  Our home phone number is 828-322-3707.  I offer this so that if any dog on our property is causing a problem for you, or anyone in your household, we will take immediate action.  Unfortunately, we are both relatively heavy sleepers.

We have always been good neighbors.  We intend to remain so as long as we are priveledged to live in this neighborhood.


Pat Rhyne Home 828-322-307  Cell  828-234-3575  Work  803-323-4698

Anne Coffey  Home 828-322-3707  Work  828-580-7591

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Our feelings were really hur that a neighbor felt that they could not come and talk to us directley about this situation We are hurt and disappointed for the first time since we moved here.




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